A Full Review on An Expectant Easter

An Expectant Easter
Easter is a special time of year for our family. As the season approached I knew I wanted to spend the same amount of energy on Easter as I do with Christmas, after all it is just as important.

This is actually our second year incorporating An Expectant Easter into our homeschool.

Here is why we chose this guide:

It is a faith-based curriculum that is designed to for any family (homeschool or traditional school) and has lessons and activities for children of all ages. The guide includes lessons on the events leading up to Easter, the resurrection of Jesus, and the symbolism behind Easter holiday.

One of the things that I appreciate about the Expectant Easter guide was its flexibility. As a homeschooling parent, I know that every family has a unique schedule and learning style, and the guide is adaptable fit those needs. Whether you prefer to do lessons in the morning or the afternoon, or whether your child learns best through crafts or reading, you can customize this guide to work for your family.

An Expectant Easter

We found it best to incorporate the Expectant Easter guide into our morning time routine. We started the day by reading the daily Bible section and filling in the narration notebook. We used resurrection eggs to have a visual for each story. My children enjoyed taking turns opening each new egg every day.

I found it easier to do the handicrafts either later in the day or on a different day. We made things like an egg tree, a Resurrection garden, and palm branches out of craft supplies.

Each lesson was fun and engaging to my two older boys (ages 7 and 4). My children enjoyed learning about the Easter story through the different activities and discussions. We particularly liked how the guide included a mix of hands-on activities like the handicrafts, the baking ideas, and the Bible passages.An Expectant Easter

Another great thing about the Expectant Easter guide is that it comes with a supplies and material list, and a complete book list of living books to read throughout the season. We order these from the library a few weeks before we begin. These stories have become great friends to us.

Because there is a complete supplies and booklist makes the guide very open and go.  This is important for us as we incorporate this guide in with our normal home school schedule. The guide is well-organized and easy to follow, with clear instructions for each lesson and activity.

Overall, we found An Expectant Easter to be a valuable resource for teaching our children about the true meaning of Easter. We will likely be using it again next year for a third time around.

I share more on my Instagram page with a highlight reel on how we used the guide throughout the season.

An Expectant Easter



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